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Our mission

In an era where companies are facing an accelerated rate of new threats that are becoming increasingly more sophisticated, the challenge to stay ahead is relentless.

The landscape of attack vectors is evolving swiftly, leaving organizations to navigate through a storm of scans and alerts, all while identifying new threats. The reliance on human intervention for incorporating business context and adhering to industry best practices further adds to the complexity of understanding these risks. Integrating a knowledge-based AI cybersecurity solution like DarkLight's Cyio can significantly alleviate these challenges, providing a robust defense mechanism.

DarkLight rises to this challenge with a mission focused on dismantling information silos. We aim to transform overwhelmed victims into empowered defenders with Cyio.

By harnessing the power of knowledge-based AI, DarkLight's solution enhances the ability to swiftly identify, understand, and manage threats, reducing the dependency on manual analysis and paving the way for a fortified security posture.